March 11, 2012

with a little nod to autumn... while spring is almost here

it s that time of year again, spring is nearly here...

and i m still into my cookie-making mode, although i ve been kept busy with my other endeavors, i just can t help needing to make a batch regularly.

my son had recently asked me to make him a bracelet with some wooden beads and leather. which i did. then posted on FB and apparently the son of one of my friends (who lives in Canada) liked the look of it, so i made him one too... and sent it over.

so my friend asked me whether i would like something from there, and i jumped at the chance (who wouldn t?) of asking her whether she could find me some maple leaf cookie cutters...

she did!

and i received them yesterday! YAY!

ofcourse i couldn t not make maple syrup cookies. even tho i should be baking cherry-blossom flavored ones or more 'spring'-like thingies... oh well, still have time for that!

i had never made these before, but i found a smashing recipe on the Smitten Kitchen blog and this really worked a treat (click on recipe and you will be linked to the post where you ll find all details).

i m just going to show you how delectable they are!

oh, yes, i used grade C maple syrup here, just because i didn t have anything else, and i think it really tastes best of all...

thank you Y! big maply hug!