April 9, 2012

the easiest ever muffin recipe

do you have five minutes to spare? just to read this?

and perhaps 30 minutes extra? to whip up the easiest ever muffins?

okay, okay. i guess cupcakes are just that little bit more refined. but sometimes you just haven t got the time to beat butter and sugar together until fluffy in order to slowly mix in sieved flour etc...

a muffin can be just as sweet and satisfying as a cupcake, with a lot let hassle, and without the creamy frosting when sometimes that can just be a tad too much.

you don t even need a mixer, just a fork is fine, seriously.

here s my basic recipe:


250 gr self-raising flour
125 gr fine white (or unrefined) caster sugar
1 teaspoon baking powder, optional
1 pinch of salt


125 ml milk
1 large egg
50 ml sunflower of rapeseed oil
mixed together

preheat the oven to 180°C.
sieve the dry ingredients into a bowl.
add milk/egg/oil mixture and slowly mix with a fork until everything is pretty well incorporated but DO NOT OVERBEAT!

divide into prepared muffin/cupcake tin (this recipe makes just enough for 12 muffins) and bake for about 20 minutes.


then play around.

like i did today: instead of 125 ml milk, i used half coconut milk and half plain milk. i also added 1 tablespoon of freeze-dried yuzu flakes to the flour mixture. and to top it all off, i added 125 gr of fresh blueberries.

just half an hour, a bowl, and a fork...

oh, yes, there is that little bit of washing up to do... but that s fine when you can have a cup of tea with a warm muffin afterwards, don t you agree?