September 10, 2010

it's been a long summer

indeed, it has been a long summer!

it all started out perfectly, i had passed my jewellery course exam in May, enrolled for the next course... so everything was in order, and i was going to enjoy the summer months.

let me tell you, life can throw quite a bit of surprises at you...

July was hot hot hot... so not too much cooking got done, and if there was any cooking at all, it was mostly Sam who did it, cuz he was home too in the evenings due to the summer holidays, and he does enjoy trying out new recipes or adjusting old favorites.

August, like last year, was a very rainy month, and as if it was an omen for bad things to happen, they actually did... it wasn t pretty, but we ll survive.

meanwhile, i tried making cinnamon rolls which didn t quite come out as i expected, but the perfect recipe will be found! we had corn tempura (corn must be my most favorite vegetable, crunchy and sweet, since i was 4 years old). my mother-in-law made a beautiful tomato pilau rice dish (will post recipe soon). oh, and wonderful mackerel in mustard sauce, totally scrumptious. well, we did have quite a few yummy foodie days...

instead of posting the pics on this blog, i did share them with my friends on FB, sorry...

so, here we are already and once again in September. and the true mussel season has started here... so many ways to prepare mussels!

the new schoolyear has also started (yihaa), i m saving for a new camera (either a CANON or NIKON SLR) and i promise i will be consistent and post something at least once a week, with pictures and recipes...

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  1. Welcome back to the blog!! I'm hoping and praying for something positive and wonderful to overshadow the Summer. I'm having a difficult time going back to writing my blog also... Gambatte ne!!