April 11, 2011

one month on

it s exactly one month since the big one hit the Japan north-east coast. i haven t been able to do much more than read up and follow the few news bulletins anxiously.

there was a beautiful but very sad video-clip posted on YouTube that i would like to share here too. the song is by Métis, a singer hitherto unknown to me, but i very much like her style, and the text of this particular song is very moving. i won t be translating, all i can say is that in general it questions whether we as humans haven t become too complacent and relaxed in our ways... haven t we forgotten to enjoy and appreciate the little things in life?

it is what has been going thru my mind for much longer now.

yesterday we foraged for wild garlic... and prepared fedelini with some added roast garlic, finely chopped chilli, an anchovy fillet, and some lemon zest, pure heaven, simple.

meanwhile i have been folding origami cranes (tsuru, just happens to be my middle name too, as it was my grandmother s) for an organization called Students Rebuild. i hope they succeed in their endeavor.

pray for Japan. don t forget about all the other disaster areas in the world.


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