July 15, 2011

i am the cookie monster!

nah, not really!

but i ve always liked baking cookies. the smell that permeates the whole house while they are baking is just... so... well... it just takes you back to somewhere warm and cozy doesn t it?

Sam has a little biscuit-book:

and i use it to experiment a little.

i bought some powdered sweetened macha:

it might not be kosher, but i use this stuff for quite a lot of other things too (like icecream)

so, adapting a recipe from Sonia Allison s Biscuit Book, i made some macha chocolate chip cookies and because i couldn t seem to stop i went for choco chocolate chip as well.



80 gr softened butter
80 gr fine caster sugar
80 gr sweetened macha powder
1 large egg
180 gr self-raising flour
100 gr chocolate chips (i used dark chocolate, but you might like white or milk or a mixture)


1. preheat the oven to 180°C
2. beat together the butter and the sugar until quite creamy
3. add the macha powder and mix in well
4. break in the egg, and mix
5. sieve the flour into the mixture and beat well, although it will become quite a stiff dough
7. add the chocolate chips and mix in with a spoon
8. line a baking sheet with baking parchment and spoon on little mounds of the dough making sure to leave enough space in between, because these will flatten out
9. bake for about 12-15 minutes
10. leave to cool on a rack, if you can

for the choco chocolate chip version i used 80 gr of dark muscovado sugar instead of the sweetened macha powder and added a drop of vanilla extract. i also used 165 gr of self-raising flour, instead of 180 gr, and added 15 gr of pure cocoa powder.
the rest of the method is exactly the same.

so you can play around too.

my son came by and i just had to pack a few in a box for him to take along to his girlfriend s...

now i need a cup of... something... coffee, or should i make that hot chocolate? no, perhaps ice-cold chocolate?

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  1. you're the cookie queen!!!! they look GREATTTT! i love the rotating colours of green and brown...so 'earthy'! im def gonna try the matcha + choc chip combo next time. i dunno why but i can never get my cookies to look that neat or flat like your ones!