October 23, 2011

sweetly tart

lemon curd.

sweetly tart and so easy to make it s almost a sin to use shop-bought, although i have often done so, probably because i thought it was going to be complicated.

but that s what happens when you have loads of other stuff to do. full-time job, taking evening classes, housework that needs to get done.

and then i found this recipe on the BBC food website. a couple of friends of mine had already told me it was simple to make, and they had sent me their recipe, but i d misplaced it and today i just had my mind set on making some.

i followed the recipe almost to a tee... except that i didn t quite let it cool down completely before potting, but i think it ll be alright (i hope).

and because i really don t have to add anything, or didn t even tweak amounts, i ll only show how it went in pics. please do take a look at the link and when you have 30 minutes to spare, have a go too.

you ll need 4 organic un-waxed lemons

4 eggs and 1 egg yolk

100 gr unsalted butter

200 gr fine caster sugar

all the zest from the 4 lemons

and all the juice too

melt the butter and the sugar with the lemon juice and the zest in a bowl over simmering water, then slowly add the beaten egg

after stirring constantly until it becomes like a thick custard, leave to cool before potting into sterilized jars

i really did get exactly the amount mentioned in the recipe, which is 2 x 250 gr pots.

hmmm, i think i ll be making some of my favorite cupcakes again soon, with lemon curd, ofcourse.


  1. Hi, Aiko!

    Great post - made me want to try your lemon curd wright now :) I'll definitely prepare it following your recipe these days, as I never try making it home.

    Nice photos, by the way and some pleasant changes here! Good luck

  2. thank you for your comment! i m still very amateur, but constantly learning.

    ps. let me know when you ve tried the recipe!

  3. Hello Aiko :D

    what beautiful yellow curd - i can't believe it only takes 30 mins. I made a batch years ago (using Pierre Herme's recipe) which took me like 3-4 hours..and blocks and blocks of butter! that scarred me for life and i never made it again (even tho it tasted amazing). i think i will give this quick version a try...only 100g butter too :P

  4. i was amazed it s this easy to make too Viv, please give it a go.

    do make sure you sieve the juice before warming up, and leave it to cool slightly before adding the eggs, otherwise it might scramble, the bain-marie helps to warm it up again slowly while thickening the curd...

    AND it s so versatile too!