June 28, 2011

another Belgian summer s day and bbq chicken

this morning, around 8.15 am, at work.

my colleague calls me to the window and points to the sky.

wow! so glad i had my camera with me. what an amazing cloud formation.

we d had a real humid and hot day yesterday, but today the forecast was grim, and it certainly looked like we were going to have a crasher of a summer s storm...

but no... by early afternoon, the sun had burned away the clouds, and the humidity had risen again, it felt tropical. in Belgium! i could almost imagine myself back in Japan, where summers are hot and humid, and airconditioning is really necessary if one doesn t want to melt (not good for climate change, i know, but still).

so by the time i was on my way home in the evening, the temperature had soared to 34°C! (i really had to take a picture of the thermometer in my car to prove this)

and even tho the weathermen were still adamant that a tropical storm, well, a lot of rain and thunder and lightning, was on its way, i was totally determined to have Sam light our new little bbq because i wanted chicken. just some marinated chicken with some salad and some bread, nothing more. not too much to ask, right?

so i bought some chicken thighs, all the while thinking what marinade i might use, and i had to think of one of my friends suggestion on FB : yuzu juice, garlic and olive oil.

as i d bought that 'yuzu tea' last weekend, i wanted to use that too. don t ask me why, it just seemed right.

MARINADE FOR CHICKEN (or fish or veal or pork...)

6 tablespoons of yuzu juice
1 tablespoon of yuzu tea
4 cloves of garlic, grated
1 thumbsize piece of fresh ginger, grated
1 tablespoon of soy sauce
a good pinch of salt and a grinding of black pepper
2 tablespoons groundnut oil

mix together and rub into meat.
marinate for at least half an hour, if possible, longer.

throw onto the bbq and grill until caramelized.


as i mentioned, nothing more than a salad and some bread went with this.

Sam said it was the best darn bbq-ed chicken he had had in a long long time. (he would do, seeing as he was in charge of the grilling!)

but...YAY! (seeing as i made the marinade!)

and then...

it rained! it thundered, it lightninged (i know this isn t proper English, sorry, i like to make up words)! it was great!

ps. that friend i mentioned, she s Ms. Monday Michiru... and her songs make me happy too.


  1. haha looks like crazy temperamental weather over there in belgium!!! the chicken looks succulent and the yuzu/garlic/soy/ginger combo is making me salivate!!!

  2. talk about temperamental weather! this morning it was 15.5°C!
    please do try the marinade, look forward to a posting ;-)