June 21, 2011

'what s in the fridge?' salads


i often read about sunday roasts, the whole shebang, and relaxed lunches stretching well into lazy afternoons.

but at our house, because the weeks are often so hectic, sundays are more about doing, well, not too much, and often, it s about using up leftovers from the previous week when dinnertime comes around.

often, it will be pasta, maybe a carbonara, or garlic, chilli and tomato, nothing too complicated.

last sunday, we had had a little too much of the carbs, and were craving veggies but we weren t quite sure of what we had left in the fridge:

hmm, two half pots of pickled herring filets, some gherkins, capers...
oh, and i had some new potatoes, bell peppers, radishes...

how about a potato and herring salad with radishes then? and a grilled bell pepper with mozarella salad?

Sam made our usual homemade mayonnaise, and the dishes made for a great closure to an 'early-summer-clean'. (i know; YIKES! or should that be; YAY!)



4 filets of pickled herring filets, cut into 2 cm pieces
a bunch of radishes, finely sliced
4 or 5 medium sized potatoes, cooked, cooled and sliced
capers, to taste
gherkins, to taste, chopped
mayonnaise, to taste
pepper and salt
any kind of soft herbs like chervil, chives, mint, dill, pimpernel etc. to taste


combine all ingredients, adjust seasoning and serve with crusty bread and a chilled rosé wine. ;-)

the bell pepper salad is pretty easy to make: just grill the peppers until the skins are blackened, leave to cool a bit, and remove the skin but don t wash the peppers so as not to lose the smoky flavor. then cut into strips and combine with slices or chunks of bufala (yes... it s a she!) mozzarella, olive oil, sherry vinegar and some salt and pepper. add some chopped thyme and basil if you like.

well, dessert was just some strawberries in cranberry/pomegranate syrup with lemony ricotta.


(and my leftovers are used up to boot! our contribution to being more conscious about what we buy... and eat...)


  1. you sure have a lot of healthy stuff in your fridge!! im so impressed that you are able to create all three beautiful wholesome dishes with your left-overs! i cant wait to replenish my fridge after all the left overs are gone!!

  2. Vivienne, i have to admit, i had bought some veg ie the radishes and the paprika s the day before... but the rest was all leftovers. problem is that i also have a very very small fridge, so it s almost daily replenishing haha. however, who doesn t have a pot of gherkins or capers hiding somewhere in the back? that reminds me, i still have some maple syrup and i saw a recipe on FB just now that i might be able to use that up as well, will try and post recipe soon. (gee, i don t know if it s normal to write such a long reply on a blogpost?) ;-)