May 14, 2010

being lazy

the past few days, i have been lazy. it happens.

reason was, i was studying for my exam, and i just couldn t think about cooking. i did think about food, as i said before, i always do. but i couldn t be bothered to think up something to make for dinner, go to the store to get the fresh ingredients, and cooking.

which brings me to Sam. so good to have a partner who likes to cook as well.

yesterday, since i had taken my exam the day before, we just upped and went to the seaside, just for the day, only a 100km away from where we live, so that was good. it was also a holiday, so no stores were open and when we got back, we only had eggs, some green asparagus, some spring onions and herbs from the garden. Sam thus made us a simple omelette... it was delicious.

so, i can afford to be lazy... sometimes.

YangHwa posted some really good recipes on her blog: GOT SOME VEG? and i m thinking of trying those out.

the sun is finally shining again, after a week of grayness and rain, i m off to the store!


  1. oh definitely YES!! You can afford and need to be lazy at times!! You've worked your butts off and time for you to wind down and just relax:-) Seriously, kudos to Sam!! I'll be making some kimchi quesadillas tonight!

  2. hehehe... it is good to be able to relax now a little bit.
    made the tofu tomato curry day before yesterday with some brown rice (i forgot to bring back coconut milk...) and it was really good, not as heavy as some curries can get and very digestible... Sam liked it so much he almost had thirds! ;-)

  3. wow!! I'm glad you liked the tofu tomato curry! it surprised us too how yummy it was:-) I do hope your "cold" will not get worse, I have a feeling your body is saying that it's been busy for a long time and now it needs a good rest!