May 8, 2010

every day dilemma

having a small fridge must be one of the most terrible things in life when one loves eating and cooking. i have a small fridge. which means i have to go to the store nearly every day for fresh ingredients.

sure i have my store-cupboard stuff, dried pasta s, rice all sorts, spices, dried herbs, oils and vinegars, and thank god my partner Sam is a keen gardener who s inventive use of our very small garden means i have some fresh herbs and seasonal veg to hand.

still, it isn t easy, i love to cook, i wish i could cook better... having no extra cash (because my jewellery work is taking up so much at the moment) means i can t get a bigger fridge, which could make life a little easier.
still, we get on with it, i seem to be able to produce a good meal most days, be it 'ready, steady, cook!'-like (putting something edible on the table in 20 minutes flat after a 'hard' day at work) or gentle and easy one-pot slow food (mostly weekends).
it s just because of having that small fridge, having to think up something to concoct every single day can get daunting.

well, at least i get a lot of inspiration from my friends, my cookery books, the www (who d ever thought i d become an afficionado of this medium LOL), so, perhaps the everyday dilemma of deciding what to put on the table is not too hard after all.

i just wish i could have a bigger fridge!


  1. Oh Aiko!!! I'm so excited about this blog too!!! The power of an internet is amazing, I can sit here in Philly and read up on what's going on there!! I do sympathize about the small fridge but also I think there's this allure and practicality in buying "fresh" ingredients almost daily. I think in our modern day world, we got busy, therefore we buy bigger fridge and store things. I think having a smaller fridge is a blessing in disguise, don't you think?

  2. arigatou YangHwa! i just thought i couldn t mix my jewelry work with my cooking hobby.
    soudane, perhaps it is a blessing in disguise, but sometimes it can get hectic when you have to think up something quick after a full day at the office. eating out is often not an option due to lack of funds hahahaaaa.
    anyway, i guess i can t complain too much since we re spoilt for choice here in the 'developed' world. imagine wanting food, but no way of getting it...