May 10, 2010

how lucky we are

my good friend YangHwa reminded me that having a small fridge could just be a blessing in disguise. and she s probably right.
at least i have one!

at least i can also pop into my nearest supermarket or grocers and get whatever i want, fresh, whenever i want, even if i m not really hungry (although, to be fair, i always am thinking of food).

so, just to make a point, i m thankful that i was born lucky; lucky to have been born in a wealthy country, lucky to have had a good education, lucky to have a job, lucky to be able to do whatever i want to do (like making my jewellery, like cooking...) and not having to really worry too much. seriously, my kind of worries are just peanuts compared to what i ve been seeing the past few decades on the news: famines, wars, are we really in the 21st century... what s going on?

my grandmother used to tell me: you better finish your dinner, because so many other people aren t getting what you have!
i will finish my dinner, gratefully...

anyway, no more complaints from me...
just good cookery ideas that i might be able to share with others.

ps. i am not going to feel guilty.

simple dinner tonite: farmhouse sausages with sautéed new potatoes and a fresh tomato salsa with a papaya twist.

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  1. Things I should remind myself daily too - to be thankful for what I have... when we renovated our kitchen 3 years ago we got a bigger fridge. I ended up hoarding up on stuff I forgot half the food I stuffed deep inside the fridge and beyond. I ended up throwing those foods away (still feel guilty). I'm making conscious efforts to buy less (just what I need for a meal or two) and go out to the market for fresher ingredients when I need them. Btw, love what you're having for dinner tonight!